Safe Mercury Removal

The First Step in Detoxification

At Dentalogics, we offer Mercury Filling Removal. Our mercury amalgam removal program is designed to remove toxic dental mater,ial including mercury amalgam and /or other fillings, crowns, or bridges that appear to be biologically incompatible with you, while keeping you comfortable and safe from the toxic by-products generated during the removal process.

Materials Testing

Materials Testing

Biocompatibility testing of dental materials can be performed well in advance of the restorative visit to determine which dental materials are safest or least offensive to your immune system. There are several ways this testing can be done. Please ask us about Materials Testing.

Chelation Therapy

Supplementation in the form of channel clearing supplements and/or homeopathics to support heavy metal removal may be recommended prior to amalgam removal. Testing of your physiological needs is encouraged.

Chelation is a well-known method used to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body by administering a special chemical compound called a chelate. The chelate finds and forms an attachment to the toxin with one reversible ionic bond. With that bond intact, the toxin is grabbed, pulled out of the cell, and carried from the body. Care must be taken during chelation, however, as the toxin is not neutralized during this process and may attach to other cells on its way out.

We often recommend a chelation protocol as a way to help remove mercury and other toxins from your body. Chelation is never started until at least the visible mercury is removed from your teeth, and hopefully your entire dental revision is completed.

Oral Chelation agents are the ones most frequently utilized, but intravenous therapies such as IV vitamins and minerals are also often recommended during the chelation process to help maintain nutritional integrity.

Chelation Therapy

Special Attention

It is recommended that you remember to drink copious amounts of water, take appropriate supplements, and eat a diet high in fiber to aid in maintaining open detoxification pathways before and after the dental appointment.

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