DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Staying healthy means understanding all the factors that may be affecting your health. Dr. Gabi helps his patients stay as healthy as possible by offering genetic nutrition profile services right in his Brentwood, CA, office so patients can have a clear, in-depth understanding of their health, including DNA testing in Los Angeles.

What is Nutri Genomic testing?

A genetic nutrition profile is a unique, personal health profile that helps show how your genetic makeup and your lifestyle may be affecting your nutrition and overall health. By looking at the way your body processes specific nutrients and products like sugars, fats and vitamins, a genetic nutrition profile can form the cornerstone of a customized diet and exercise plan that’s designed specifically to work with your body and your lifestyle, which means it can help you achieve better and longer-lasting results.

How can a genetic nutrition profile help me have better health?

Every person has a unique genetic makeup or profile, which can have a direct bearing on an individual’s ability to lose weight and to stay healthy. By understanding how your body may affect your response to certain foods, nutrients and activities, you can learn how to work with your body to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and a healthier lifestyle overall. Plus, a genetic profile may also help you understand why you crave specific foods and how those cravings might be affecting your ability to lose weight and stay healthy.

What is involved in getting a genetic test?

All Dr. Gabi needs is a small sample of your saliva which will be carefully analyzed using special techniques and laboratory equipment to provide a wealth of information about the way your body responds to nutrients, sugars, and fats. Once the analysis is complete, you’ll be provided with a complete profile that can provide the framework for a plan of healthy eating and lifestyle and behavior changes that can start you on a path toward healthier living.

How long will it be before I receive my report?

Your saliva will be analyzed, and your report will be completed and issued within just a few weeks.

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