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Overjet: Transforming Dental Diagnostics
with AI

Welcome to Dentalogics, where we integrate the latest advancements in dental technology to provide top-tier solutions for dental practices and insurance providers. Today, we are excited to introduce Overjet, an AI-powered dental diagnostic platform designed to revolutionize the field of dentistry.

Key Features of Overjet

What is Overjet?

Overjet is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence solution specifically developed for the dental industry. It leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze dental radiographs and clinical data, providing precise diagnostic insights and improving the quality of patient care.

Key Features of Overjet

Clinical Intelligence Platform

Real-Time Analysis:

Overjet’s platform integrates seamlessly with your existing practice management systems and imaging software, providing real-time analysis of dental radiographs. This ensures immediate identification of issues such as decay, calculus, and bone loss.

FDA-Cleared Technology:

Overjet’s AI has received FDA clearance for detecting and outlining dental decay, quantifying bone levels, and identifying periodontal disease, ensuring you have reliable and accurate diagnostic tools at your fingertips.

Enhanced Visualization:

The platform offers best-in-class visualization tools that highlight areas of concern on radiographs, making it easier for clinicians to explain diagnoses and treatment plans to patients.

Benefits of Using Overjet

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